Friday, April 9, 2010

There is a dangerous tree near marker #4. A groups of volunteers are meeting to address it at 11am, Saturday.
The break is about 30ft above the ground and could fall unpredictably.

Also reported is an 8" alder across the Quiet Place trail.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Our volunteers have been doing a wonderful job of clearing and grooming the trails, through these windy storms and the trails are reported to be very good shape.
Because today was a very blustery day, don't be surprised if there is a bit of debris on the trails, in the morning. Keep in mind while walking among the alders, that the wind is predicted to pick up a bit Saturday afternoon.
The rain may result in some muddy areas, mostly in the southern portion, but this year has been a fairly dry year and the trails generally nice and firm.

Easter is here and the trillium are in bloom. Be sure to take a walk around the Trillium loop (the South Forest Loop) to see them in profusion.
Other bloomers reported this week are Bleeding hearts-between markers 13 and 16, False lily of the valley-on the South Forest loop, and Skunk cabbage-at lower Hawks pond.
Also of note spring fungi are making appearances.

Be sure to take advantage of the sun-breaks to enjoy the sights, song and smells of Spring on the Hansville Greenway.