Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's been a generally dry winter. There are mucky areas, but they seem to be mostly at the southern reaches of the Greenway.

The area west of Buck Lake, which tends to by pretty mucky, is in good winter shape. There are muddy stretches, but the wide, west-side trail is not only passable, but in better shape then we've seen in years.

South end mud highlights include a very large puddle in the pothole on the trail between Hood Canal Drive and Marker 16. The trail section over the stream between Markers 16 and 15 is reported to be pretty mucky and slippery. And the swampy area between Hansville Road and Lower Hawk's pond, reported last year, is still swampy.

We'll have sun-breaks today and a sunny day is predicted for tomorrow. Everything seems to be coming alive with spring green sparks. It's going to be a glorious weekend for a walk in the Hansville Greenway!