Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's such a beautiful weekend! The weather is clear and crisp. The leaves carpet the frost-crunchy, morning ground and a few are still fluttering down from the canopy.
This transition from Autumn and Winter is so inviting, a walk on the Hansville Greenway should not be missed.

There may be a tree down here and there, but no obstacles to foot traffic have been reported.

There are soggy areas. The west side, behind Buck Lake is getting pretty mushy and will require boots and determination.
Muddy spots have been reported, between Hood Canal Dr. and marker post #16, between mp #15 and #16, and between mp #14 and #16.

The new Hawk's Hole Creek bridge is in, but the approaches, to the bridge, are not, so that portion of trail is not yet open.

Birds seen and heard:
Buffleheads on Buck Lake
Stellars Jay
Bald Eagle
Northern Flicker
Red Tail Hawk
Dark-eyed Junco

Other sightings
Douglas Squirrel

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