Thursday, November 19, 2009

We've had a stormy week and there are reports of downed trees on the trails. None of these are large enough to block the trail and volunteers are out clearing them.
Work continues on Hawk's Hole Bridge.
The trail is a bit mucky on the west side of Buck Lake, but the trails, under the evergreen canopy, are a pleasure underfoot.
The mushrooms are still fruiting as Autumn continues and to celebrate them here's a couple documents listing the taxa found in the Pacific Northwest.
I'll also add these to the links list, at the right of the page.

For any myco-geeks reading, here is partial list of species reported here in the north end.

Agaricus praeclaresquammosus
Amanita muscaria var. formosa (Fly Agaric)
Amanita ocreata (Destroying Angel)
Boletus chrysenteron
Bondarzewia montana
Cantherellus formosus (Chanterelle)
Cantherellus subalbidus (White Chanterelle)
Chlorophyllum olivieri (Shaggy Parasol)
Chroogomphus tomentosus (Scaly Chanterelle)
Clavulina cristata (Crested Coral)
Clitocybe dealbata (Sweat Producing Clitocybe)
Fomitopsis pinicola (Red Belted Conk)
Ganoderma applanatum (Artists Conk)
Geastrum saccatum (Earth Star)
Gomphidius oregonensis
Gomphus floccosus (Wooly Pine Spike)
Lactarius rubrilacteus (Red Bleeding Milkcap)
Leccinum manzanitae
Lepiota clypeolaria (Shaggy Stalked Parasol)
Lepiota rubrotincta (Red Tinged Lepiota)
Lycoperdium perlatum (Gem Studded Puffball)
Naemotoloma fasciciulare (Sulfur Tuft)
Paxillus atrotomentosus (Velvet Footed Pax)
Phaeolus schweinitzii (Dyers Polypore)
Pholiota terrestris (Ground Pholiota)
Polyporus elegans
Ramaria formosa
Russula albonigra (Blackening Russula)
Russula brevipes
Russula emetica (Emetic Russula)
Russula rosacea (Rosy Russula)
Russula xeramplina (Shrimp Russula)
Suillus granulatus
Suillus tomentosus (Poor Man's Slippery Jack)
Xylaria hypoxylon

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