Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Trails are in great shape. They are a pleasure to walk.
The honeysuckle is in bloom, between Otter meadow and Muskrat Swamp.
Deer are everywhere, and birdsong is raucous.
The sun may be obscured by clouds this weekend, but a dry Saturday is predicted.

Welcome Volkswalkers!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The last several days have certainly felt like summer in North kitsap. This warm dry weather has put the "mud map" to rest. The trails are in gorgeous condition.

Some major improvements have been made to the section of trail, between Hansville Road and marker 18, as well as to the section between markers 15 and 16.

The Greenway is exploding into bloom.
Although woefully incomplete, here are some of the current floral highlights to enjoy:
There is a very pretty patch of Pacific Bleeding Hearts between Spruce and marker 13.
The False Lily-of-the-Valley is also showing a particularly lush bloom in that area, and is also carpeting the forest floor on the south forest loop. The densest drift is near marker 7.
There is a delicate sprinkling of pale lavendar Western Starflower throughout the floor of the mixed conifer/deciduous forest.
In Otter Meadow, The great ash is finished blooming, the Indian plums are begining to color, the Bracken fern stand in tall drifts in the grass.
To the north (although by no means exclusive to the north half of the Greenway) These natives are in full bloom.
Siberian Miners Lettuce
Foam flower
Large-leaved Arvens

The preserve is so beautiful!
The sun streams through the backlit canopy in slanted shafts, which makes the forest glow! The scents and sounds have come into full bloom as well. The absolute greeness possesses a soft power to both surround and saturate the observer.
This is an especially magical time in the Hansville Greeway.
Come treat yourself to a day in the woods!