Saturday, January 10, 2009

The snow is gone, replaced by warmer weather and rain.  The forest has returned to Pacific Northwest green and has the quality of light that winter brings.
There are muddy patches, as might be expected, but the trails are in generally good shape.
The sloshy parts are the same as reported before...
west of Buck Lake, south of marker 12 (this 100 yd stretch will be pretty muddy until later spring) and Hawk's Hole Creek, at the southwest area of the trail system.

Recent wildlife sightings:
Red tail hawk
Bald eagle
Pileated woodpecker
Downy woodpecker
Northern flicker
Winter wren
Stellers jay
Hooded merganser
Tundra or Trumpeter swan
Douglas squirrel
Coyote (spoor)

Tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon, the chance of rain lessens and the next week looks to be dry with sun breaks.
It's going to be a beautiful winter week to walk the Hansville Greenway.