Thursday, November 13, 2008

This weekend should be partly sunny and in the low to mid 50's. It's going to be a pretty autumnal weekend to hike the Greenway.
Some fallen trees at the south end, have been cleared and most of the trails are in good shape.

There is a very soggy area west of Buck Lake, which begins a little north of marker 12 and extends about 100 yards, ending at the bend before marker 3. The mud on this portion of trail gets to be 3-4 inches deep over the winter and is pretty slippery already. The slippery area also extends up the trail to Sterling Highlands.
Another slippery area is where the trail crosses Hawk's Hole near trail marker #16, near the south end.
Trail map

With the storm season upon us, it's important to remember that trees sometimes fall. Alders have a particular reputation for unpredictable behavior in the wind, and big leaf maples occasionally lose large limbs.
So be safe and pay attention to what's over your head, as you walk the trails.

Speaking of looking up, there have been reports of dog feces on the trails. No one likes to step in dog-doo and it's a shame to have to continually scan the ground for gooey hazards.
There are mutt-mitt dispensers at The Cora trail-head and at the Buck Lake trail entrance. If you have a suggestion for more dispenser locations, drop me a comment, here.
Come on folks, have a heart!
scoop that poop!