Friday, October 17, 2008

It's going to be a lovely Autumn weekend for walking the Greenway. The rain promises to wait until Monday and the temperatures will be in the mid 50's (13c).

The trails are in good shape for this weekend, moist but not soggy. The trail west of Lower Hawk's pond enjoyed the attention of 2 crews of volunteers and the result is wonderful.
The trail through Chatam, in the Southeast section, was reported to have several fallen trees.

There are still ripe blackberries on many of the trails.

There has been a report of aggressive yellow jackets at Lower Hawk's pond.
The temperature should be making them less active, but be cautious.

Fauna reported this week:
Downy woodpecker
Bald eagle
Red tail hawk
Stellers jay
Spotted towhee
Canadian geese
Red breasted sap sucker
Darkeyed junco

Scat evidence of deer, coyote and black bear